N. Schmidt, Pferdegasse 19, 48143 Münster, Deutschland

We are walking up the stairs.

It continues, so we forget which floor we are on.

(He always makes people to go through a passage in order to invite to his space.

We get ready by doing so.)

A doorkeeper is sitting on a chair.

He tells us where to go.

I open the door and there is a corridor with other two doors.

The right one is locked.

Through the key hole, I see an abandoned space.

On the left door, there is a peephole.

I open the left door without a knock.

Then I look back to the corridor through the peephole.

The room is dim and there are two windows next to each other.

They are covered with sheer curtains.

On the opposite wall, there is a screen.

It shows a room exactly same as the room where we are.

I wonder if there is a camera somewhere here.

My companion says,

“Look, there is a man”.

There comes a man on the screen.

He is, however, gone soon enough.

Because we are left alone in the room, I make my way to the next room.

As I open the door, I face myself in the mirror.

There is only a closet with a mirror in this room.

I open the door on its right side.

It is a white bathroom.

There is a normal basin, a toilet, and a shower booth.

The light is white and the water is running.

Maybe he was here.

I open the door opposite to the door where I came in.

It is a corridor with few doors.

Through the next door, it is the dim room with sheer curtains.

After the next door I see myself in the mirror.

Again we are in the Bathroom.

The water in the basin is still running.

We are wandering in this detached space.



This text is written based on the Installation of Gregor Schneider in Münster Skuptur Projekt 2017.





Palais Bellevue, Schöne Aussicht 2, 34117 Kassel, Deutschland

I am on the second floor of a mansion.

It is an old small mansion.

There are photographs hanging on the wall.

The photo objects are all haystacks.


The next room is dim with green blinds.

Fish traps are floating in the middle of the room.

On the wall, there are framed drawings of jungle plants from Amazon.



I make my way to the next room.

There, I see a screen.

I hear organ, contrabass, violin and flute.

Vacuum cleaners are moving.


I continue to the room on the Left.

Some rooms continue after one another, just like many other palaces.

In the next room there is a painting, where light blue colour flows down.

A triangle is standing in the middle of the painting.


And there is a door next to the painting.

It does not have a knob, but I just know it is a door.

The keyhole is stopped as well.

I cannot see through it nor imagine what is behind.

It is a door that has become a wall.


There is another painting on the wall of the last room.

Now, it is noon.

I pass through the rooms.

The floor of the rooms are all out of wood.

The patterns are somewhat different though.


I walk down the stairs.

They are spiral.

I put my left hand on the banister softly.




 Documenta is an art exhibition that takes place every five years since after the Second World War
The exhibition does not take place in one museum but expands into the city Kassel.
This second text accompanies the reader to a very certain part documenta 17.




“김슬기”로 태어나 “Claire”와 “김슬기”를 겸하며 살고 있다. 현재 독일 카셀에서 미술학을 전공하며 도큐멘타 14 프레스 센터에서 일하고 있다.

Seulki Claire Kim

Seulki means "wisdom" in Korean. She goes by “Claire” when she is abroad. She now studies Art Studies at Kunsthochschule Kassel and works for documenta14 at the Press and Information Center.

공평한 것. 그리고 공평하지 않은 것.
Commissioned Artwork - 박주애
혐오가 넘쳐나는 세상에서 취향을 말할 때
강선영 작가노트