NYC Garbage Monster / mixed materials/ 2017


Young Adult/ Acrylic on Canvas / 24 x 24(inch) / 2017


Brain Disorder / Acrylic on Canvas / 36 x 36(inch) / 2016


Meditation / Pen on Paper / 12 x 9 (inch) / 2017


Dollhouse / Mixed materials / 2017


Sweet Life / Pen on Paper / 12 x 12(inch) / 2017


Happy Monster and uncomfortable Couch / Mixed materials / 2013



I want my work to give the viewer a sense of visual pleasure through psychological intimidation.


There was a profusion of flower decorations all over the old tile-roofed house as well as lavish foods, crowds of people, and massive box. The box was painted with vibrant color patterns ornamented with huge chrysanthemum flowers. Gorgeous purple bows, and shiny red beads. I was nine and I thought that we were having a big family party. However, this memory is about my great grandmother’s funeral and the box was her coffin.

A traditional Korean Family celebrates a propitious mourning of a person that died old and rich like a festival rather than a “funeral” because we think it is “good death”. Of course, I remember my grandfather was crying in his white clothes and my aunt could not eat her favorite rice cake. However, I realized that sometimes the utmost view of sorrow could be extremely beautiful. This scene remains as an ambiguous fantasy, mingled with sadness and emotion.

My work reveals an extremely festive and deeply serious emotion at the same time, which can be named as a serious ceremony or magnificent ritual. I use synthetic colors, unusual and imaginative childish figures, cheap party supplies and plastic materials.

I work in painting and installation. Painting is more about the visualization of my own imaginative world, while my installation is about the physical experience of my painting.

Adehla Lee

Adehla Lee left her hometown Busan to move to Seoul, and moved again to NYC searching for a fun and exciting life. In terms of her art, “fun” is also the most essential element. She is trying so hard to not make something boring, complicated, and blandiose. Currently, she has been thinking that her work is like candy that is so sweet that it is fatal.


Adehla LEE

공평한 것. 그리고 공평하지 않은 것.
삶을 담아낸 말, 셔머샤 네이
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