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Patience and mystery has become very much a thing of the past. During the past fifteen years the average consumer’s social media network and digital resources have become nearly flawless in providing up to date news, entertainment, personal thoughts, photography, and art at blazing light speeds. Wikipedia and Google have cut the ties with the mysterious and the unknown. What remains is a pool of awareness that blurs the concept of reality. Now, the online self and the physical self are able to coexist in real time for the same person.
My paintings celebrate the liberation of any differences there are between the two and between life and death, man and woman, plant and animal, as well as any differences between love and despair, fear and beauty, funny and sad. Through eliminating these contradictions more can be revealed to us through the will of imagination and by the questioning of that which is still unknown.

Tony Toscani

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물질의 상호이동과 우주의 평형
A Meaningless Attitude Towards Diligence
Safe zone-nowhere